The River Forest Tennis Club has dozens of singles and doubles competitive tennis events and social tennis events. As an Active Member or Adult Privilege Holder, players can come out and join the competition and fun.  A tournament is a series that takes place over the course of several weeks, while games are played in a single day.

Tournaments - July and September/Labor Day

The Club holds annual doubles and singles tournaments for all levels of competitive play as follows:

  • “A” Level – Advanced Players
  • “B” Level – Intermediate Players
  • “C” Level – Beginner Level Players

All are welcome to sign up for tournament play - there is a tournament for every skill level and participation is highly encouraged!  If you are interested in participating in a doubles tournament but don't have a partner, the tournament committee is happy to help.  

There are: 1) July Tournaments which begin in June and finish in mid July; and 2) September/Labor Day Tournaments that begin in July and end Labor Day Weekend.  

  • July Tournaments
    • Men: Men's A Doubles, Men's B Doubles, Men's C Doubles, Men's Super Vet Doubles (60+), Men's Veteran Singles (age 50+), Men's Deep C Doubles, Men's Deep C Singles.
    • Women: Women's Open Singles, Women's Veteran Singles (50+), Women's Open Doubles, Women's B Doubles, Women's C Doubles, Women's Super Veteran Doubles (60+), Women's Deep C Doubles, and Women's Deep C Singles. 
  • September/Labor Day Tournaments:
    • Men: Men A Singles, Men's B Singles, Men's C Singles, Men's Open Singles, Men's Super Veteran Singles (60+), Men's Open Doubles, Men's Veteran Doubles (50+), and Mixed Doubles.  
    • Women: Women's A Singles, Women's B Singles, Women's C Singles, Women's Super Veteran Singles (60+), Women's Veteran Doubles (50+), Women's A Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. 

    Important Notes!

    • If you have too many commitments, do NOT sign up for the tournaments. We try to complete the tournaments by set dates, so that we can have a club “viewing” event.
    • If you sign up for the Labor Day Tourneys, please plan to be around Labor Day weekend to play in the finals.
    • Seeding: following USTA suggestions, the tournament committee aims for 1 seed per every 4 entrants in a bracket. In making the brackets, the committee has members most familiar with the various groups weigh in on the seeding. We recognize it’s not perfect, but it’s the best we can do. The remainder of the bracket is completed by random draw.
    • For the singles events, you can sign up for both the Open and a A, B, C event, but please do not sign up for more than one A, B, C event.
    • Draws will be distributed the week of 7/25 with the finals over Labor Day Weekend (9/3 - 9/5).
    • Deep C Classification: You must choose between Deep C and C Doubles, not both. They are both single elimination tournaments ending in July. Deep C singles is a round-robin format early season, and culminates in a tournament bracket in September. You may play in either the Deep C or C Singles bracket in September not both. Please know the Deep C is intended for beginners or players that have not made it past the second round of the C tournament.
    • Booking tournament matches: One player should book a court for 1.5 hour and another play should book the same court (or a nearby court if not available) for an extra hour, for a total of 2.5 hours. Using both players to total 2.5 hours of play is ONLY for match play. Please remember that match play MUST be conducted on the court you booked. You cannot switch with other courts whose condition you prefer.

    Junior Tournaments

    The junior tennis program offers three end of season tournaments — a green ball tournament, and two yellow ball tournaments, one for 14 and under, and another for 18 and under. The championship matches will be held over Labor Day weekend. These tournaments will be managed by John Morlidge and Dara Keidan, and are intended for any JT participants, RFTC members’ children and privilege holders. All participants will need to have advanced to green ball for the green ball tournament and yellow ball for the yellow ball tournament. 

    Please reach out to John Morlidge ( or Dara Keiden ( with any questions or if you’d like to sign up your child(ren).

    The Classys

    Class versus class. Fight to the death (ok, maybe not that last part). Similar to other RFTC tournaments, the Classy is played over several weeks.

    Email Greg Embree for details!

    2021 Men's:

    Winner: Class of 2016 (Matt Heintz and Garrett Olson)

    Runners Up: Class of 2018 (Jody Schwartz and Carter Kirk)

    2021 Women's:

    Winner: Class of 2019 (Helen Lee and Maria Galli)

    Runners Up: Class of 2017 (Camille Hoover and Leigh Armstrong)

    Photo by Matt Kosterman

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