As a private club, the RFTC is proud of its history and traditions. The Club celebrates the fellowship of neighbors and friends, across many generations and over time, through participation in family-oriented, athletic and social activities that are supported by the collaborative work of its members. For well over a century, the RFTC has thrived on this legacy. The Club welcomes new members who embrace these core values.

The River Forest Tennis Club depends on its current members who value the self-directed, working tradition of the Club to foster the growth of its membership. As such, application to and membership in the RFTC is at the invitation of current members who wish to sponsor applicants.

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The River Forest Tennis Club offers family memberships as well as single-season tennis/swimming memberships for adults and youth.  The membership process and seasonal events discussed below may change based on prevailing COVID restrictions.


Family memberships include full use of the club and participation in all social events. Two classifications of full membership are available to new members:

  • Active Family Membership is available to applicant couples who are over 21 or a single parent with at least one dependent under the age of 26prior to April 1st of the application year.
  • Junior Active Family Membership is available to applicant couples in which one of the applicants is between 21 and 31 years of age prior to April 1 of the application year. When the age-qualifying member of the couple reaches 34, the couple is asked to “fly up,” joining another new member class and repeating the new member experience that season.

Current member sponsors are invited to propose Family Membership applicants to the Board once a year. In late January or early February, the Club hosts a Winter Party when current members may bring guests as prospective applicants for full membership to the Club. In April, applicants for Family Membership meet the Board of Directors personally so the Board can get to know the prospective members. In mid-April, the Board of Directors announces the season's new members.

New members to the Club become part of the season's “New Member Class”.  New members are expected to attend Opening Night in mid-May and all Club events throughout the season, including Saturday evening dinners.  Each new member couple will co-host a cocktail party for the membership during the summer to help members get to know the new class. Also, the New Member Class puts on a special show in September.  The New Member experience has proven to cement lifelong friendships among members of the class and is a valued RFTC tradition.


*4/22/2024 - the application period is closed for the 2024 season.*

Single-season memberships for individuals interested in seasonal tennis and swimming privileges (May-October) are available as follows:

  • Adult Privilege Holder is available for an individual who is 18 years or older as of April 1st of the year he/she applies and not enrolled in high school or college. An Adult Privilege Holder has full use of the courts and pool.  
  • Youth Privilege Holder is designed for youth who wish to play tennis and swim at the RFTC. 
    • A Youth Privilege Holder has access to the courts until 4:30 pm, general access to the pool, and can take advantage of RFTC's Junior Tennis and Swim Team (additional fees apply).
    • “Youth” is defined as someone who has completed the fourth grade, or has attained 10 years of age prior to April 1st of the year of application; or is under 18 years of age on April 1st, or a full time high school student regardless of age; or is under 26 years of age on April 1st and a full time college or graduate school student.
    • Contact Deb Bade with any questions.

Seasonal Privilege Holder applications must include references from current sponsors and be approved by the Board of Directors. 

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