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Guests must be accompanied by an RFTC member and are asked to follow the same rules.

Here are some important tips, but please ask your host member for further details about using the Club.


Visit our Contact page for a map and directions to the River Forest Tennis Club.


Parking is available in the Club parking lot on Lathrop. Handicapped accessible parking is located at the south end of the lot nearest the clubhouse. Street parking is also available but rules are subject to change depending on days and times.


Court 6 Café offers food and beverages for members and guests. During the busy summer season, the Café is open most days for soft drinks, sandwiches, salads and snacks.


  • General: Casual
  • Tennis: All white tennis gear is required, with a maximum of 10% color accents.
  • Pool: A cover-up is required for any swimmer outside of the pool deck.


The entire RFTC facility is smoke-free.


Alcohol is only allowed for sale during selected social events or may be offered during certain approved functions. Members and their guests may not bring alcohol to the club or leave the premises with open alcohol. The Club insists upon responsible behavior with respect to alcohol consumption. Members and guests are reminded to not drink excessively or consume alcohol when driving.


Members hosting guests will need to note the following rules and fees for bringing guests to the Club:

  • Active Club members (other than privilege holders) may enjoy bringing guests to use the Club facilities as long as the host member or a member of his or her immediate family accompanies the guests. It is the member’s responsibility to pay the designated fee for each guest on the day of the visit.
  • Guests (except for immediate family) are limited to five visits per season. Guests are limited to pool usage of one time per week. The host member may pre-register an out-of-town guest (“house guest”) with the club manager for a period not to exceed two weeks, and a special guest pass will be issued upon payment of the designated fee. Further extensions may be granted only by approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Guests are asked to abide by all pertinent tennis court and pool rules, etiquette and attire. Please ask your host member for details.
  • An active member may take one or more guests to midweek dinners, special events and Saturday night dinners, with the exception of the Opening Night dinner and the New Members Show dinner.


The host member will be billed by the Club Manager for all guest fees.


$10 per guest, per day; sign in at pro shop.


$6 per guest, per day; sign in at pool office.

House Guest

$40 per guest, per week for use of pool and courts.
$20 per guest, per week for use of pool only.
Can be extended by the President. Sign in at Pro Shop

River Forest Tennis Club
615 Lathrop Ave.
River Forest, IL  60305

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