The River Forest Tennis Club has dozens of singles and doubles competitive tennis events and social tennis events. As an Active Member or Adult Privilege Holder, players can come out and join the competition and fun.  A tournament is a series that takes place over the course of several weeks, while games are played in a single day.


The Club holds annual doubles and singles tournaments for all levels of competitive play as follows:

  • “A” Level – Advanced Players
  • “B” Level – Intermediate Players
  • “C” Level – Beginner Level Players

All are welcome to sign up for tournament play - there is a tournament for every skill level and participation is highly encouraged!  If you are interested in participating in a doubles tournament but don't have a partner, the tournament committee is happy to help.  

There are: 1) early summer tournaments which begin in June and finish in mid July; and 2) later tournaments that begin in July and end Labor Day Weekend.  

  • The early summer tournaments include Women's A Doubles, Women's B Doubles, Women's C Doubles, Women's Veteran Doubles (age 50+), Men's A Doubles, Men's B Doubles, Men's C Doubles, Men's Super Vet Doubles (age 60+), Men's Veteran Singles (age 50+), Men's Deep C Doubles, Men's Deep C Singles, Women's Deep C Doubles, and Women's Deep C Singles. 
    • Deep C Classification: You are permitted to sign up for the Deep C and the C tournament.  Please know the Deep C is intended for players that have not made it past the second round of the C tournament.
  • The later summer tournaments for men are: Men A Singles, B Singles, C Singles, Deep C Singles, Open Singles, Super Vet Singles, Open Doubles, Veteran Open Doubles, and mixed doubles  The later summer tournaments for women are: A Singles, B Singles, C Singles, Deep C Singles, Open Singles, Veteran Singles, Open Doubles, and Mixed Doubles.  


    Throughout the season, the Club offers competitive tennis game events, typically on Saturday mornings, designed to bring players together in a variety of different game play formats.  Sign ups are via email only and will begin the Saturday before each event - please include the event name and date in the subject line!

    In RFTC's “Smash and Bash” doubles events, members play and rotate partners throughout the event. Smash and Bash Games are a great way for members to get to know other players and socialize at the same time. 

    Here are the 2021 events:

      • Men's Grab Bag Doubles: Saturday, May 29th, 9am - Winners: Tim Rudy and Greg Embree
      • New Member Smash & Bash: Friday, June 4th, 6pm - 8pm
      • Women's Grab Bag Doubles: Saturday, June 5th, 9am - noon
      • Men's One Set Doubles: Saturday, June 12th, 9am - noon
      • Women's One Set Doubles: Saturday, June 19th, 9am - noon
      • Parent Child Tournament: Sunday, June 20th, 9am - noon
      • Mixed Doubles Smash and Bash #1: Friday, June 25th, 6pm - 8pm
      • Men's One Set Singles: Saturday, June 26th, 9am - noon
      • Husband/Wife Mixed Doubles: Sunday, July 4th, 9am - 1pm
      • Mixed Doubles Smash and Bash #2: Friday, July 9th, 6pm - 8pm
      • Women's One Set Singles: Saturday, July 24th, 9am - noon
      • Women's Bring A Ringer: Saturday, July 31st, 9am - 1pm (invite only)
      • Men's Bring A Ringer: Saturday, July 31st, 1pm - 5pm (invite only)
      • Mixed Doubles Grab Bag: Saturday, August 7th, 9am - noon
      • RFTC VS OPTC: Sunday, September 12th

      Reach out the Games Committee at with any questions!


      Class versus class. Fight to the death (ok, maybe not that last part).


      Winner: Class of 2016 (Matt Heintz and Garrett Olson)

      Runners Up: Class of 2018 (Jody Schwartz and Carter Kirk)


      Winner: Class of 2019 (Helen Lee and Maria Galli)

      Runners Up: Class of 2017 (Camille Hoover and Leigh Armstrong)

      For 2021, we're adding a B level, so there will be two doubles teams for men and two doubles teams for women!

      Email Teddy Perlstein for details!

      Photo by Matt Kosterman

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