Women’s Open            

Champion: Camille Hoover                  

Finalist: Kitty Martin

Men’s Open                     

Champion: Mike O’Connor                   

Finalist: Alex Gebert

Women’s Open Doubles    

Champions: Sue Arends / Kitty Martin                          

Finalists: Anne Dwyer / Camille Hoover

Men’s Open Doubles          

Champions: Dan Arends / Mike O'Connor                         

Finalists: Bob Raidt / Alex Gebert

Women’s Masters         

Champion: Kim Wojack                      

Finalist: Susie Goldschmidt

Men’s Senior Doubles      

Champions: David A Martin / David C Martin             

Finalists: Bob Gebert / Bob Raidt

Women's A Singles 

Champion: Camille Hoover

Finalist: Kitty Martin 

Men's A Doubles

Champions: Dan Arends / Michael O'Connor

Finalists: David A Martin / David C Martin

Women's A Doubles

Champions: Sue Arends / Kitty Martin

Finalists: Maria Galli / Kim Rasmussen

Men's B Doubles 

Champion: Brian Kurtz / Tim Ruby

Finalist: Ray Berens / John VandeMoore

Women's B Doubles

Champions: Tracie Doherty / Vanessa Druckman

Finalists: Gina Moran / Kelly O'Brien

Men's C Doubles

Champions: Mark Brown / Scott Hall

Finalists: Foz Khaledan / Mike Leonard

Women's C Doubles

Champions: Meg Chalmers / Susan Veazie

Finalists: Erin Foley / Sara Smith

Men's Super Vet Doubles

Champions: David A Martin / David C Martin

Finalists: Bob Gebert / Fred Munoz

Men's Vet Singles

Champion: David A Martin

Finalist: Greg McConnell

Men’s A Singles                        

Champion: Alex Gebert                        

Finalist: Mike Stutz

Women’s B Singles                

Champion: Laurie Nations                

Finalist: Audrey Dormanen

Men’s B Singles                     

Champion: Brian Zavalkoff               

Finalist: Jon Eckman

Women’s C Singles                

Champion: Meg Chalmers                

Finalist: Brigette Whisnant

Men’s C Singles                      

Champion: Ted Perlstein                   

Finalist: Jim Culliton

Women’s Deep C Singles      

Champion: Catherine Chavez          

Finalist: Katie Iammartino

Men’s Deep C Singles

Champion: Jeff Hunkele                     

Finalist: Jason Sposeep  

2020 GAMES

6/21/2020 - Parent/Child

  • 12 and under – Mark & Thomas Iammartino over Garrett & Jonathan Olson
  • 13 – 18: Peter & Lily Brecknock over Chris & Patrick Marzec
7/4/2020 – Spouses
  • Competitive: Dan & Sue Arends over Camille & Steve Hoover
  • Social: Bridgette Whisnant & TJ Smith over Dave & Sharene Piech 
7/25/2020 - Mixed Grab Bag
  • Ron Lucchesi & Lisa Vincent over Ted Perlstein & Dawn Vande Moore
8/1/2020 - Men’s Bring a Ringer
  • Bob Raidt & Jake Wilson over Josh Schubkegel & Jacob Palley
8/8/2020 - Women’s Grab Bag Doubles
  • Dawn Vande Moore & Sara Smith over Dee Dee Carr & Pam Kende
8/15/2020 - Men’s Grab Bag Doubles
  • Mark Brown & Ted Perlstein over Chris Lynn & Jody Schwartz
8/29/2020 - Women's Bring a Ringer
  • Sue Arends & Natalia Todorovic over Kitty Martin & Whitney Martin

9/15 /2020 - Crosstown Classic

  • OPTC defeated RFTC (let us not speak of this....)

9/26/2020 - Women's One Set Doubles

  • Anne Sullivan and Sheryl Martin were the champs with Gina Moran and Kelly O'Brien the runners-up.

10/3/2020 - Men's One Set Doubles

  • [Not played in 2020.]

10/10/2020 - Women’s Grab Bag

  • Trish Ryan & Susan Veazie over Elizabeth McNeill & Amy Kurtz

10/11/2020 - Men’s Grab Bag

  • Bill Ramette and Doug Anderson over Tim Ruby and Steve Nations

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