Junior Tennis Program

Reminder about Court Attire:

  • Apparel must be all white, including socks, hats, visors and shoes.
  • Color accents (up to 10% of attire) are permitted.

USTA Red Ball – Whiz Kids

Starting skill set: No prior experience
Suggested age range*: 4-8 years

A great way to introduce young children to the fun of tennis. Kids will learn eye-hand coordination, footwork, basic shots. Red foam balls and a smaller court will be used. Certificate awarded at the end of the session.

USTA Orange Ball – Excellence

Starting skill set: Beginner
Suggested age range*: 7-10 years

Kids will begin to learn to hit with each other through a series of progressive activities and games. The focus of this group is to keep the atmosphere fun and engaging, while having friendly team competitions. Appropriate rackets, orange balls and court size will help in development. Coach evaluation at the end of each session.

USTA Green Ball – Super Excellence

Starting skill set: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Suggested age range*: 9-12 years

Emphasis placed on rallying back and forth with some consistency with a feed. Kids will learn positions on the court and a variety of shots. Players should have proper grips. Green dot balls will help in development. Stronger players in this class may participate in the Friday matches. Coach evaluation at the end of each session.

Regulation Yellow Ball

Starting skill set: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate
Suggested age range*:  10-16 Years

Similar to green ball, but with regulation balls. Meant for older players who are newer to tennis, or those passing from green ball but not yet ready for daily JV group.

Junior Varsity

Starting skill set: Intermediate
Suggested age range*: 11-16 years

Players should have proper grips, a variety of shots and be able to rally with pace and consistency. Emphasis will be placed on improving consistency, emphasizing stroke production, form and control. This class will provide opportunities for point play, competitive drills, game strategies and athletic development. Players are expected to participate in weekly interclub matches which may require local travel.


Starting skill set: Advanced
Suggested age range*: 13-18 years

Advanced players tournament program by invitation only. Training for tournament play emphasizing stroke production, control, technique and athletic development. This class will emphasize point play, competitive drills and advanced game strategies and tactics. Players are expected to participate in weekly interclub matches which may require local travel.

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*Age groups are intended as a guide to placement – coaches will make final assessments for appropriate grouping and will make every effort to balance ability levels within groups

Travel arrangements to local clubs will be made by tennis coaches at no additional cost
Please make arrangements for vacations with the coach in advance of the session. Sessions may be pro-rated in weekly increments only (no daily refunds).

Photos by Matt Kosterman